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Give Your Sober Friends Peace of Mind

A iOS application created by Nethanel Kohen and Martin Pham that lets your friends know you’ve made it home after a night out

Getting Started

This App will only run on iOS.

Download the Expo Client for iOS.

Then, scan the QR code below:

or go to our project on Expo.

On the home screen, type in your desired message in the text input and choose a friend from your contacts list. Press the save icon to save your message and the contact you will send that message to and navigate to the map screen to search for a location. When you are ready to go home or leave for the night, click the bullseye to begin tracking your location! Once you are within 50 meters of your endpoint, your friend will receive your message from a Twilio number ((210)-508-0050). If you’d like to cancel your message, simply click the X to turn everything off.

Project Structure

│   ├── App.js         ## Begins navigation
│   ├──app.json        ## Handles Expo render data
│   ├── assets         ## Static assets
│   │   └── images     ### Images (png)
│   ├── components     ## Any shared components
│   │   └── ContactsComponent.js     ### Renders user contact and saves to storage
│   │   └── Map.js     ### Renders map, location tracking and makes Twilio API call
│   │   └── TextMessage.js     ### Renders user message and saves to storage
│   └── screens        ### Any shared components
│       └── HomeScreen.js     ### Navigates to contact/message screen
│       └── MapScreen.js      ### Navigates to map
└── ByeBye Server # Handles Twilio post API call

What’s Inside





Add to our project! Please read the contribution guidelines first.



This app was built using Create-React-Native-App. Big shout-out to the Expo team for all the work they do.


This React-Native app is under the MIT License.